Learn 5 Secret Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Summer Camp

By June 14, 2022 Summer Camp

We get it, with hundreds of camps out there promising that their camp is the “best”, “most fun”, “been in business for X number of years”, and “trust us”, it can be confusing to know how to pick the best camp for your family.

We all have different parenting styles. Some parents want to know all the facts, down to the minute what will happen, and some parents will choose the summer camp based on their gut feeling about the staff, facility, or program. The one thing we all have in common is that we want to choose the best camp for our child and our family.

Here are 5 Secret Questions to add to your parent toolbox. Are you ready to feel more empowered when selecting your summer camp facility?

What is Your Student to Teacher ratio?

Do you have a fear that your child is being lost in the shuffle? Are the leaders in your child’s camp truly paying attention to your child? In many camps, the number of kids can be staggering although the facilities and activities can be amazing. But do they offer enough leaders to handle the number of kids that they want to sign up for their camps? A good kid to adult ratio is no more than 10 -15 kids to each adult. Experienced leaders will get to know your child’s personality and meet his/her need to grow.

What is your mission and vision for your summer camp?

When a facility actually has a mission and vision in place, it tells you that they have considered what impact they want to leave on your child by the end of their time with them. A mission statement will unite owners, management, leaders, interns, and all other staff with a common goal to work towards. It also gives you a strong indication of the philosophy the camp is operating under. Does their mission and vision for the camp align with your values as a parent or as a family?

How do you provide feedback/info about my child’s experience in summer camp?

Does your child tell you only the bare minimum of what they do every day? How do you know if there are achievements you should celebrate? Or if there are concerns you have to address? Some kids share every single detail of their day while others just “had a good day”. When we ask “What did you do today?”, most of us will get the standard answer of “stuff” or “we played…”. We all want feedback from the adults that spend time with our child over the summer to know what our child experienced. This will also give you an indication as to whether your child is getting the attention they deserve.

What makes you different from other summer camps?

It seems like every camp communicates the same benefits every year. Using the same words: “fun, arts and crafts, amazing, best,” and so on. A good question for parents to ask, to make sure they pick the right camp, is to simply ask the staff what they feel makes their camp different from other camps. Even if the answers sound similar, the tone of voice and how it is communicated could help you limit your choices. The answer would probably give you a better indication of which camp is the best fit for your family.

What skills will my kid learn and what experiences will they have this summer?

Many camps are designed to basically be glorified babysitters and watch your child while you work. Sure, it can be a safe place for them to be and a change of scenery from staying home. Children are sponges and soak up experiences and knowledge faster and easier than adults. We, of course, want them to soak up fun and play, and have social interactions. However, there is also an opportunity during the summer to learn and/or improve upon new skills. Perhaps there are skills or activities you feel are too much for them to tackle and learn during the school months?

Summer camp can be a place for your child to have fun experiences meeting new friends, learn important life skills such as respect, discipline, self-confidence; as well as be creative and express themselves in a healthy way. Why not find a safe place for them to be AND where they can learn skills that will last a lifetime? Invest in the right camp for your family.

What Makes Our Summer Camp Different?
We provide each child with a journal for their summer camp stay. Every day your child will spend time documenting their experience and memories of that day. We encourage them to personalize their journal, through arts and crafts, so the journal reflects who they are and their experience in summer camp.
At the end of the week, the staff will add their own notes to the journal, letting you, as a parent, know what your child learned that week, their accomplishments and struggles, and what we will be working on next week.
Stay involved in your child’s summer and witness the memories they create.


  • Caring and knowledgeable staff
  • Martial Arts Curriculum rooted in tradition
  • Personalized weekly journal
  • Within 10-15 student to teacher ratio

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