A flexible after-school program with options that work for you, focused on your family’s safety.

After-School Program

(Kindergarten – Middle School)

At Robertson Martial Arts & Yoga we are being flexible in the options for the 2020/2021 after school program. We are offering several options to accommodate our families as much as possible and reflect the option your family selected when returning their children to Seminole County Public Schools.

All options are interchangeable and flexible to any changes in the future. We are here to make this transition as easy as possible.

Option 1: “The Original”

If your child is doing the face-to-face in school option, this is the option for you. Time for homework, snack, and martial arts class in a safe and controlled environment.

$80 per week per child, registration fee $40

Option 2: “The Drop Off”

If you are doing virtual school with your child this would work for you. Drop them off after the classes are done at home for interaction, martial arts, and fun in a safe and controlled environment.

$60 per week per child, registration fee $40

Option 3: “The Hybrid”

The middle ground. We’ll pick them up the days they go to school and you can drop them off the days they are with you.

$70 – $ 90 per week per child, depending on your needs and school choice, registration fee $40.

Option 4: “The All Day”

If you register your child for virtual school and have a computer, this option is for you. We provide a safe and controlled environment with a desk and chair. In between classes, we will have fun and games, stretching, physical activity, and martial arts class.

$109 per week per child, registration fee $40.

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After-School Services

Martial Arts and Fitness

Our program includes 45 minutes of physical training daily to improve body coordination and skill development, to support Martial Arts training.


Our masters and staff have experience teaching in a way that makes it fun and entertaining for your children, while also installing healthy habits and a positive mental attitude.

Year Round Service

The After-School Program begins at the time of enrollment and ends when school is dismissed for the summer. We also offer Summer Camp.

How It Works

Please fill in the registration form below and pay the $40 registration fee. You can also come into our dojang to complete the registration in person.


During our initial meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet the masters and staff, and complete your registration for the program. Please bring a form of identification and method of payment to complete your registration if not already completed online.

What We Do

The program is available until 6:00 p.m. The schedule will include daily martial arts classes, fun time, and learning. We will pick up at your child’s school within a 5 miles radius, if that is one of the options you selected.

Best After School Program

For parents who are looking for long hours a safe, caring, and active after school option that also teaches a skill.

99.5% Student Retention

Safe, fun, efficient, and timely service has allowed us to maintain the trust of our customers

A Bully-Free Zone

Allows your child to gain self-confidence in a safe and healthy environment.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and checking account information.

Register Now

Submit the form to the right with the $40 registration fee now to hold your space in our After School Program. We are observing social distancing guidelines to ensure your family’s safety, limiting our student capacity. One of our counselors will reach out to you once we receive your registration.

Review our Covid 19 Procedures to see what we are doing to keep you and your children safety, and how you can help.

Martial Arts School Covid Procedures for After School Programs