Martial Arts for Adults

There is no age limit on the benefits of Martial Arts training

Martial Arts for Adults

Benefits that every adult can gain from this program
(Ages 16 and older)


Martial Arts teaches you self-defense and gives you the ability to protect yourself, in a safe and controlled environment. Keep in mind that self-defense begins with caring for yourself.

Weight Loss

In today’s society rampant with obesity, cancer, diabetes, and other health-related issues, taking care of your health is critical. Martial Arts training makes restoring your health a top priority. Our team of professionals provides guidance and education to each of our students.


Due to the epidemic of weight gain and our sedentary lifestyles, our bodies lose its natural range of mobility. Through proper and effective martial arts training we restore the body’s natural range of motion.


Each class is designed to help students grow and change for the better. Martial Arts honor the student’s journey of self-improvement in both body and mind. A strong mind benefits a strong body.

The benefits of Martial Arts training include physical and mental improvement and psychological enhancement.
Physical training tends to the body attributes that keeps us feeling younger and more energetic, moving with more coordinating, and that makes us stronger. Martial Arts training is for all adults, no matter your current abilities. Whatever ability you start with will improve with time and dedication to the Martial Arts training.

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How it Works

The program is simple; once you are ready to be happier, healthier, and more energetic; you are ready for a lifestyle change.


Pick the day that works best for you to attend an orientation class. Part of the orientation class includes meeting with Master Rodney Robertson and the instructors to evaluate your goals, needs, and set a direction.


In order for you to gain the most benefit out of the program we recommend 2-3 classes per week. This pace allows for your consistent progress. You are welcome to attend as many classes as you wish.

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Are you ready to learn more? We want to make sure you get a chance to experience our family friendly environment and our engaging programs. There are several options for you to try out program risk-free. You can register to come in and try a free class with no commitment or you can register for 6-weeks of unlimited classes, to see if we are the best fit for you.

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