Martial Arts for Kids

Little heroes and young leaders of the future

Martial Arts for Kids

Benefits and advantages that every child can gain from this program.
(Ages 4 – 15)


Children increase their ability to learn through Martial Arts training as they study with both mind and body. They experience different types of instructions and learn discipline; further increasing their learning ability.


Your child’s confidence will skyrocket as they learn to respect themselves and how to build self-esteem from within. This, in turn, breeds personal discipline providing them the confidence and understanding to respect others.


It is estimated that 12.5 million children will be overweight before their teenage years. In a world flooded with technology, everyone is moving less, and our kids lack the motivation to be physical. Martial Arts changes that, with a focus on physical fitness and basic nutrition information.


We teach Martial Arts as education in self-improvement, beginning with learning how to be respectful, courteous, and disciplined. Kicking and punching are not the goals of the training. Successfully using the mind and body together is the true goal.

Children’s dependency on technology has created a surge in obesity and health issues in today’s youth.
Children who train in Martial Arts break the dependency on technology. They become healthier, productive, goal oriented, and social. They become little heroes and young leaders.

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How it Works

We focus first on increasing the child’s attention span. Then we work on improving coordination, speed, and strength, all while building a positive mindset. It takes roughly three years to become a black belt, which symbolizes success, strength, persistence, and character development.


During this meeting the parents, future student, and martial arts teachers will discuss a successful path for your child’s progress.

Lesson Duration

Expect classes to last an average of 40-60 minutes.

Class Schedule

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